Thrust Face heating coil.
Single shot coil. Fillet Radius single shot.
Bus Bar Extension
2 turn machined inductor.
Thrust face heating coil.

Samples of custom induction heat treating coil designs created by Case Tool Inc. Our tooling is customized to fit your equipment and designed to operate  specific to your heat treating requirements. Limited information regarding customer equipment and heat treating requirements are required to begin the design process. We build robust, production proven tooling designed to stand up in harsh industrial conditions.

I.D. ring gear coil. Internal coil.
I.D. static heat coil. Single shot coil.
Single shot coil. Wheel spindle coil.
Single turn machined profile scan coil with barrel quench.
Multi turn integral quench. MIQ Coil.


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SINCE 1994

O.D. scan coil with internal cooling.

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Inductive heating coil
M.I.Q. static heat single shot.
I.D. Static heat coil.